'I have a growing portfolio of public commissions including site specific sculpture, street furniture and surface artworks. These works complement the installations, sculpture, drawings and paintings I create for exhibitions and festivals. In many of the commissions I have used my artistic and technical expertise in collaboration with specialist artisans to create robust, secure and well fabricated objects. My artistic preoccupations and sculptural experience underpin the research and development of commissioned work along with the specific requirements of site and client. Consultation and collaboration with members of the local community is often used to inspire and inform the research for images and has proved most fruitful in several commissions. I am well experienced in using a range of methods and materials and the physical process of construction and experiments with various media contribute equally to the development of my work. Word association and direct observational drawings and photographs are often crucial in the research and development of my ideas. Alternative designs, forms and images are expressed using sketchbooks and maquettes. The sculptures that I make are frequently based on fables, myths and symbols and evolve with reference to my dreams and experiences. This personal emotional and intellectual content often takes on wider connotations by integrating pertinent cultural and historical reference. The figurative or narrative base to my artistic output is informed by considerations of perspective, architectural space, changes of scale, distortion, abstraction and geometric composition.'

David Westby